Zero Waste Holiday Leftovers

It’s the same thing every year. You’ve spent hours preparing a bountiful meal for your family and friends, but now you’ve got an array of leftovers in your fridge. What are you going to do with that extra turkey? The container full of mashed potatoes? Aunt Myrtle’s cranberry sauce? 

Thanksgiving is a leading holiday for food waste. Every year American families waste 25% more between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than during the rest of the year. Millions of pounds of holiday leftovers end up in landfills. 

Having a plan for leftovers is a great way to ensure the food you prepared is eaten. Provide to-go containers for guests, freeze those extras, or nosh on those leftovers in creative ways. You don’t have to eat a boring slice of turkey breast and a side of sweet potatoes every day for a week. Reinvent that extra turkey, vegetables, and even cranberry sauce. 

If you’re searching for flavorful dishes that are un-Thanksgiving-like, take a look at the easy, creative recipes below. 

Holiday Feast