Maintaining Your Lawn and Garden in the Winter

Now that the cooler months are upon us, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief when our lawns no longer need the vigilant daily care the summer demands. It’s an uncomfortable, sweaty struggle which we can all enjoy a vacation from. 

But just because the weather has changed, don’t lull yourself into the idea that there’s no outdoor work to be done. A little bit of maintenance now will pay off when it gets warm again.  

Maintaining a healthy lawn and garden over the winter will not only make your property look beautiful when the weather warms up, it’s also an excellent way to care for the environment. Gardening can 

  • create healthy soil, 

  • foster a habit of conserving water, 

  • maintain healthy plants that create fresh air and keep the soil healthy, and 

  • produce your own nutritious fruits and vegetables. 

Katherine Whitney from the Williamson County Extension Office provided the following information about keeping your lawn maintained over the winter. Follow these tips to ensure that you use the right amount of resources and, in turn, Take Care of Texas! 

Winter Garden, Lawn and Tree