The Rise in Re-making from Recycling

For every item that is put into a recycling bin, there is a new opportunity waiting on the other side, thanks to the manufacturers who make products from recycled materials. All the time and effort that goes into collecting, sorting, and processing recyclables would be wasted if modern manufacturers weren’t using recycled items to create new products. Once recycled materials have been processed, they become a feedstock for manufacturers to turn into something new. What exactly that feedstock can be turned into depends on what it is made of and what condition it is in when it gets recycled.

Containers like water bottles, glass jars, aluminum cans, and cardboard boxes are often remade into new containers, containerboard, and packaging. Fabrics and some types of plastics can be shredded into fibers and then rewoven into canvas, carpet, and even clothing. Many types of plastic and rubber, like laundry detergent bottles and tires, can also be used to make shoes, floor mats, and other equipment.

green basket of recyclable items