Make your Own Recycled Paper

Let the Earth Day celebrations begin with a fun step-by-step activity! This is ideal for children of all ages and can be done at home or in the classroom. With easy-to-follow steps and some tips and tricks to help the process go smoothly, join us as we make recycled paper. 

Taking steps to improve our environment is one of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day. One that we talk about and repeat to our children often is recycling. We teach what it means to recycle and why it is important in saving our planet, but we can take this a step further when we involve our children in the actual process of recycling. 

This is where making recycled paper comes in. The process is easy enough to do at home or in the classroom but intriguing enough to keep children’s interest. With materials that can be found in and around the home or bought at a low cost, this activity is sure to bring fun and creativity this Earth Day! 

Recyclable paper next to a recycling bin in a kitchen.