EPS Foam Recycling in Waco and Beyond

various white EPS foam food containers

Insulated drink cups, coolers, and product packaging are made from a product called expanded polystyrene or EPS. This material, more commonly known by its trademarked name Styrofoam, is lightweight and has terrific properties for keeping cold things cold and protecting delicate items in shipping. Unfortunately, this floaty and brittle material takes up a lot of landfill space and can harm wildlife when it breaks apart and drifts into Texas waterways. It can also be difficult to recycle this material after you’ve finished drinking your smoothie or unpacking a new TV. 

EPS foam should NOT be placed in most municipal recycling containers, as most recycling facilities are not set up to process it. Putting items in your municipal recycling stream that cannot be recycled is a type of contamination known as wish-cycling

beam of densified EPS foam coming out of blue machine