Take Care of Texas

Everyone's first step to Take Care of Texas is to learn about ways to get involved.

This website contains materials that range from general information about environmental programs to specific, step-by-step instructions that address common environmental situations.

Do Your Part! – Our animated house can show you ways to conserve water and energy, keep our air and water clean, reduce waste, and save money! It’s easy, give it a try.

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Kids and Teens Can Take Care of Texas Too

Check out this post for fun and easy ways that young people can make a difference! ...

Five Tips to Conserve Water

Indoor water costs are 50 to 70 percent of your monthly water bill. ...

What You Should Know About Watering Your Yard

By watering right, you could save big. ...

How Can You Dry Clothes in Half the Time?

New clothes dryers could save more energy and dry clothes faster than traditional dryers. ...

Tips to Avoid Lawn Problems

You can have a healthier yard, save money and water, and reduce the need for pesticides. ...

Save Money on Pool Costs

Just a couple of upgrades could help you save big on your pool costs. ...

Cut Back on Paper Use

Paper makes up nearly 30 percent of our trash each year, more than any other material. ...

Check Your Ozone Forecast

Learn how you can check the air quality forecast during ozone season. ...

Simple Ways to Take Care of Texas

How Texans Are Doing Their Part

I use a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering my outdoor plants; its better for the plants and easier on my water bill. Sometimes I even use the rainwater to wash my dog!


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