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Tue, February 14 2012
Computer manufacturers collect more than 20 million pounds of electronics
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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality today announced that Texans turned in more than 20 million pounds of electronics to computer manufacturers for recycling last year. In addition to recycling computer equipment as required, many computer manufacturers also voluntarily collect televisions and other electronics for recycling.

In 2011, the TCEQ allowed computer manufacturers to report other electronics collected, not just the computer equipment covered under the program. Computer manufacturers reported collecting 20,535,271 pounds of electronics from Jan. 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2011.

Currently, 90 manufacturers representing 136 brands are participating in the computer recycling program. As part of the program, computer manufacturers collected 14,948,817 pounds of covered computer equipment in 2011. Of that collected weight, 14,733,035 pounds were recycled and 686,292 pounds were reused. This number is lower than the amount reported for 2010, when computer manufacturers collected for reuse or recycling a total of 19,524,917 pounds of computer equipment.

This reported number may be down, in part, because Texans have many opportunities to recycle their computer equipment and other electronics outside of the computer recycling program—such as collection events coordinated by municipalities, local nonprofit groups, private recyclers, and community-oriented businesses—and the number of opportunities continues to increase. In addition, the lower number may reflect that current technology produces more compact and lightweight electronics.

The TCEQ is currently working to implement a new program for the recycling of televisions, which will require television manufacturers that sell in Texas to collect and recycle television equipment.

The TCEQ encourages consumers to take advantage of electronics recycling opportunities in 2012. Texas consumers can learn how to recycle their computer equipment and their television equipment. For more information on the programs, contact the TCEQ’s Pollution Prevention and Education Section, 512-239-3143.

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