Take Care of Texas produces rainwater collection video

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Thu, September 11 2014
Learn how to construct a rain barrel and harvest rainwater
Lisa Wheeler

As Texas slowly moves out of its devastating drought, and precipitation totals begin to increase, Take Care of Texas, a program of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, has produced a video on how to build a rain barrel, and is encouraging rainwater collection for outdoor water use.

The 7 minute video, available on the Take Care of Texas website, shows how to build a simple barrel with a 32 gallon plastic container and lid.

Lawn and garden watering makes up 30 to 50 percent of total household water use during the summer. Collecting rainwater for landscape use not only is great for the plants, but can save you water and money. By collecting rainwater from just 10 percent of the residential roof area in Texas, we could conserve over 30 billion gallons of water annually. Some cities and counties offer rebates or even reduced costs for rain barrels.

To download or order a free rainwater harvesting manual and step-by-step instructions on how to build a rain barrel, visit the Take Care of Texas publications page.

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