Commissioner Zak Covar Champions Take Care of Texas Program

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Thu, April 10 2014
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As executive director, Covar revamped the agency’s Take Care of Texas program and put a strong emphasis on educational outreach.“Commissioner Baker, Chairman Shaw, and I are all huge champions of protecting Texas, of the natural beauty and resources of the state, and of the necessity of preserving and conserving the state’s resources, even as the citizens use and enjoy them,” said Covar.

“As my duties take me around this great state, I’m constantly struck by the variety of the landscape and the ecological diversity that we’re so fortunate to have and to enjoy,” said Chairman Shaw. “The Take Care of Texas program is aimed at making us all stewards of this beautiful land.”

“I greatly appreciate Commissioner Covar’s leadership in reintroducing the Take Care of Texas campaign,” said Commissioner Baker. “Part of our challenge as an agency is reaching the non-regulated community and convincing them to engage on issues that protect public health and the environment while allowing our economy to thrive. The Take Care of Texas campaign allows us to reach the public in a new way and reminds us that change can start with one individual.”

"Environmental protection certainly does not begin and end with a state or federal agency. Every Texan has the ability to do their part to protect our state. “I think it is important that we use our resources to promote simple ideas each of us can use to do our part,” Covar said. “Oftentimes, these simple measures save us money as well!”

“The Take Care of Texas initiative, a cooperative effort between the TCEQ and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, is reenergized because country music artist Kevin Fowler donated his talents to the effort. Fowler wrote and performed a catchy jingle on radio and television ads. He also exhorts listeners to conserve water and to do their part to keep the air and water clean by pledging to ‘Take Care of Texas.’ Almost 1,700 people took the pledge last year,” he said.

“We certainly couldn’t have pulled this off without somebody offering their generous time and effort—somebody as passionate as we are about the outdoors, and state parks, and protecting air and water, and the safe management of waste, so that we and our future generations can enjoy Texas,” Covar said as he introduced this program at the 2013 TCEQ Trade Fair luncheon and the Texas Environmental Excellence Awards banquet.

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