2020 K-5 Art Contest Winners

Region 12
Aaria Arora

Aaria Arora
, 2nd Grade
Walker Station Elementary, Sugar Land

Region 1
Emma Arredondo

Emma Arredondo, 4th Grade
Aikman Elementary School, Hereford

Region 2
Angie Le

Angie Le, 4th Grade
Oak Ridge Elementary School, Lubbock

Region 3
Cheran Hooper

Cheran Hooper, 5th Grade
Sheppard Air Force Base Elementary School, Sheppard AFB

Region 4
Hayul Lee

Hayul Lee, 4th Grade
Ogle Elementary School, McKinney

Region 5
Crystal Presiado

Crystal Presiado, 5th Grade
Como-Pickton Elementary School, Como

Region 6
Angel Umoh

Angel Umoh, 5th Grade
Bliss Elementary, El Paso

Region 7
Zoee Arguello

Zoee Arguello, 5th Grade
Santa Rita Elementary School, Midland

Region 8
Kasyn Keeney

Kasyn Keeney, 4th Grade
Rochelle Elementary School, Rochelle

Region 9
Natalie McGrath

Natalie McGrath, 5th Grade
River Valley Intermediate School, McGregor

Region 10
Cayley Velasco

Cayley Velasco, 5th Grade
Woden Elementary School, Nacogdoches

Region 11
Shreyan Khanna

Shreyan Khanna, 5th Grade
Laurel Mountain Elementary School, Austin

Region 13
Michael Uribe

Michael Uribe, 5th Grade
Laurel Mountain Elementary School, Austin

Region 14
Shayla Pulido

Shayla Pulido, 4th Grade
Charlie Marshall Elementary School, Aransas Pass

Region 15
Sophia Trevino

Sophia Trevino, 5th Grade
Creative Explorations Home School, Harlingen

Region 16
James Sepesi

James Sepesi, 3rd Grade
Trautmann Elementary School, Laredo

Certificate of Participation:

Thanks to all the students and teachers that participated in our K-5 Art Contest. Teachers and parents can download our Art Contest Certificate of Participation PDF to hand out to participating students.

  • Click on the Art Contest Certificate of Participation PDF link. Depending on your browser the PDF will either automatically download to your computer's hard drive or open in a new window.
  • Open the PDF file and click in the blank space above the name line to type in the participating student's name or simply print out a blank certificate to hand write the participating student's name.



      Prizes are made possible through a contribution from Texas Chemical Council.


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