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Review Landscaping Options

Encourage your landscape maintenance company to review their landscaping methods and pass some of the savings on to you. Spreading a thin layer of compost on the grass every spring and putting mulch around trees and shrubs can keep your office landscape beautiful and save you money. Compost and mulch can cut the need for watering in half and make your plants more resistant to drought, disease, and pests of all kinds, reducing the need for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Learn more in our Guide to Yard Care.

native Texas plantsUse Native Plants

Landscape your business’s outdoor areas with native Texas plants. Plants that are native aren’t just beautiful—they typically require less water and maintenance, and fewer pesticides and fertilizers—saving time and money. The deep root systems of many native plants also increase the soil’s capacity to store water and reduce runoff.

Buy Cleaner Vehicles and Equipment

The next time you shop for a company or fleet vehicle, consider the benefits of one with a high fuel-economy rating—reducing air emissions and fuel costs. Reducing vehicle emissions and increasing your fuel economy helps the environment and your bottom line. Federal grants may be available for equipment and vehicle replacements. The TCEQ also offers rebates and grants in certain cases to assist with the purchase of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment as part of the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.

bus rideReduce Travel

To reduce the amount of employee travel, look for opportunities to work from home, work compressed work weeks, or host meetings via teleconference or videoconference. When traveling for business is required, use public transportation such as the bus or train when feasible. If you rent a car, look for a rental company that offers hybrids or vehicles with higher fuel economy.

Improve Your Hometown Environment

Encourage employees to sign up for a local cleanup day, a tree-planting event, or a waterway cleanup. Get your office to adopt its own space or mile of highway, and turn it green. Volunteer with a group of coworkers to help clean up a local park near the office. Get involved.

Check out your lifetime impact on the environment and learn how you can make a difference.

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