What is the Texas Trickle?

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We all use a faucet many times each day, for many purposes that are perfectly normal, responsible uses of the precious natural resource that is water.

  • You likely brush your teeth for up to two minutes at a time, several times a day.
  • Covid-19 reminded us to scrub our hands with soap and water, often, for at least 20 seconds each wash.
  • A healthy diet of fruits and veggies often means rinsing off soil. 
  • Some dishes need more water than others to get clean.

If you’re following Take Care of Texas guidelines about responsible use of water, you probably remember to turn the faucet off when you don't need the flow. But there’s an even bigger opportunity to save water—and money on your water bill—every time we use the sink. We’re calling this the Texas Trickle!

bathroom faucet with water drop fallingThe concept is simple: most of us are in the habit of turning on the faucet at full-blast, even for short activities. Those extra drops add up in a big way! So let’s get in the habit of turning on the faucet to allow only a trickle of water.

Stay tuned for more water saving tips as we practice the Texas Trickle together.

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