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Earth Day, observed on Thursday, April 22 this year, is the annual celebration of our planet and a yearly reminder of our collective responsibility to protect and conserve our natural resources.   

As every resident of this state knows, Texas is the best place on Earth. So celebrate this Earth Day by Taking Care of Texas right where you are!

Whether you’re in a small town, a booming city, or somewhere in between, you can do you part on Earth Day and every other day of the year.

Check out the list and hyperlinks below for the Texas 20:

  1. It’s bluebonnet season! Do you know if it’s illegal to pick our state flower
  2. Did you know that every Texan adds about five pounds of waste to landfills daily? See your impact on the environment and learn how to conserve resources with the make a difference calculator
  3. Why pay to water your yard or plants when you can water for free? This Rainwater Harvesting Guide will help you calculate how much rainwater you can collect for your watering needs. 
  4. Ever wonder what it’s like to make your own commercial? Hundreds of 6–12th graders filmed their own public service announcements through our annual video contest. Watch the winning videos and share them with friends! 
  5. Bust boredom with Texas symbol coloring pages! This unique Texas-themed activity is great for all ages—in the classroom, at home, or maybe even the office.  
  6. Want more boredom busters? Download this educational activity book, or order it online at no cost. 
  7. When you think of a scientist, what images come to mind? Confront stereotypes in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) with the Envision video series featuring TCEQ staff of color who work in technical careers at the agency. This series is perfect for students in middle and early high school. 
  8. Peruse our library of lesson plans for educators, which includes topics ranging from keeping our air and water clean to composting and recycling. All lessons are TEKS-aligned for seamless classroom integration. 
  9. Turn conservation activities into a game with these Bingo Boards
  10. Print and sign the Green Action Pledge as a reminder to yourself to make personal conservation a regular habit. Hang it somewhere you’ll see it daily. We recommend the fridge! 
  11. Got an irrigation system? Proper seasonal care and maintenance will keep your system working efficiently and prevent costly repairs from burst pipes and leaks. Learn how to prepare your irrigation system for the spring and winter
  12. Want to prevent waste from heading straight for the landfill? Start a recycling bin at home, or a recycling program at school or the office. Use this Texas School Recycling Guide to get you started. It’s a great resource for offices, too! 
  13. Learn how to conserve and reduce waste for the benefit of your wallet and the environment. Here are five simple ways you can save energy, save water, save money, and reduce waste
  14.  Start a compost bin or pile at home for food waste and compostable materials. Check out this composting video, as well as this Guide to Yard Care (order a free copy online).  
  15. Forgo dumping fats, oils, and greases (FOG) down the drain. FOG in the drain leads to clogged pipes and contaminated water. Collect FOG in a sealable container and dispose of it with your regular trash. Remember: clean pipes are green pipes
  16. Want to partner with Take Care of Texas in bigger, more meaningful ways? Join the ranks of other environmentally conscious organizations by prompting your organization to become a Proud Partner.  
  17. Treat the toilet like a toilet, not a trash can. Flushing trash, wipes (even “flushable” ones), paper towels, masks, and sanitary napkins can cause plumbing issues in your home and even at your Water Treatment Facility. Learn what shouldn’t be flushed.  
  18. Shorten your showers to save water at home. On average, showers save more water than taking a bath. Set a timer to help limit your water use in the bathroom.  
  19.  Practice the three R’s of conservation: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Try applying the three R’s to purchase decisions and waste disposal. Not everything has to go into the landfill. 
  20. Ever wonder what to do with used batteries?  Single-use batteries often wind up in the trash. Reusable batteries and charging banks help reduce the number of batteries that end up in landfills.  

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Check out your lifetime impact on the environment and learn how you can make a difference.

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