Take Care of Texas Valentine’s Day Cards

Take Care of Texas
Heart shaped texas flag with sunglasses Valentine's Day Card

Considering going green for Valentine’s Day? Want to promote environmental conservation? Interested in helping Take Care of Texas with your Valentine? Then we have the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for you!

Below you’ll find Texas- and environmentally-themed Valentine’s Day cards from Take Care of Texas which you can share with your friends, family, or that special someone!

Here are some ways you can help Take Care of Texas and conserve the environment with these cards:

  • Share the cards across your social media accounts, and don’t forget to tag Take Care of Texas so your friends can follow us and learn more.
  • Save your favorite cards digitally and send them via email or text to save paper.
  • Print the cards on recycled paper versus using standard printer paper.
  • Print the cards one-sided and use the back to write a special note to save paper.
  • If you print out these cards, don’t forget to recycle any paper scraps!
  • Purchase a used picture frame for your favorite card to use as a gift versus buying a new picture frame.


Download Links:

All Printable Valentine’s Day Cards PDF Link

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards PDF Link - 2021

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards PDF Link - Texas

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards PDF Link - Conservation


2021 Valentine's Day Cards:

Life is a ball with you, Valentine!

Armadillos rolling around in love

We bee-long together!

Two bees flying around blue bonnets in love

Valentine, everything about you is on point!

Spikey lizard with sun glasses on

You are turtley the one for me!

Two turtles swimming together and bumping noses


Texas Cards:

Valentine, my love for you is as big as Texas!

Heart shaped Texas flag with sunglasses

Let’s Taco ‘bout you and me Valentine!

Two tacos holding hands while winking

Hey Valentine, let’s turn me and you into y’all!

Two cacti holding hands while smiling

You bet your boots I want to be your Valentine!

Two boots flirty winking at eachother


Conservation Cards:

Valentine, I love it when you recycle!

A recycle bin and compost bin holding hands smiling

Hey Valentine, let’s keep our water clean and blue, I’d love to do that with you!

Two water drops staring at eachother

Less Litter, more love this Valentine’s Day!

Green recycle bin bowing to receive a hand disposing of crumpled paper

I tree-ly, tree-ly love you Valentine!

Two tall trees making kissing faces at eachother


We want to hear from you! If you find other ways to go green on Valentine’s Day, submit your story and a photo on our ‘Share Your Story’ webpage.

We hope you enjoy these cards as much as we enjoyed making them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

(P.S. – If you’re looking for FREE gift ideas, check out our TCOT publications webpage for ideas.)

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