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Texas has devoted significant resources to air quality monitoring and research during the past decade. We’ve seen a significant improvement in air quality over the last 15 years—despite Texas’ growing population. And as we expand, it’s important that companies and their residential employees also take care of our air quality. 

Corporate Social Responsibility is the idea that companies can invest in society and the environment while also running and profiting as businesses. Air quality conservation can be a focus for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact, especially companies involved in manufacturing, transport, shipping, and other high-energy usage activities.  

CSR for Air Quality 

Blue sky with white cloudsIf your business produces excessive air pollution during daily operations, you might propose ways to conserve our air quality by reducing emissions or investing in capture and filtration practices (this could require some engineering or investing in technology). Air quality conservation is especially important in Texas during summer with the heat, ozone action days, and higher demands on energy. 

Maybe your organization’s operations don’t directly produce air pollution. There are other ways to limit emissions, like with personal vehicles used for commuting. Maintaining your vehicle and tire pressure keep your car running effectively and minimize emissions. Carpooling and teleworking schedules also help cut down on emissions from commuter employees. TCEQ’s Texas Emissions Reduction Plan program also provides financial incentives to eligible individuals, businesses, or local governments to reduce emissions from polluting vehicles and equipment. 

Build a plan for your CSR project or program that works best for you and has the best return on investment for your business. 

Texas Facts 

  • From 2000 to 2017, ozone levels in Texas decreased by 30%. The rest of the nation averaged a 17 % decrease in ozone levels. 
  • In 2014, all monitors in Texas had annual average benzene concentrations below the state’s safe level (Air Monitoring Comparison Value or AMCV). 
  • Between 2000 and 2017, emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), a precursor to ozone, from major industrial sources have decreased 69%. 
  • Of the 20 states with the highest NOx emissions, Texas ranks 7th lowest in emissions per capita. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Examples 

TCEQ hosts the annual Texas Environmental Excellence Awards, which recognize the environmental efforts of businesses and organizations in Texas. If you seek inspiration for your CSR project or program, watch some of the TCEQ YouTube videos. Find more information on the TEEA awards

Other Resources 

Check out your lifetime impact on the environment and learn how you can make a difference.

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