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Water is an essential part of our lives. In addition to quenching our thirst, we depend on it for recreation, to irrigate our farms and water our livestock, and to run our businesses. It’s our job as business and community organizations to work together and lead the way to protect and conserve water resources. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the idea that companies can invest in society and the environment while also operating and profiting as businesses. Water conservation and water quality have made great strides due to CSR efforts here in Texas.  

Conserving Water and Maintaining Quality 

Before pursuing a CSR project or program with your business, it’s important to know a subtle difference in the interpretation of water conservation. It can mean conserving water supply by not wasting it, but it can also mean preserving the quality of water so that contaminated water doesn’t harm the environment. This distinction should be clear when proposing your water conservation concept. 

Companies must ensure they are not dumping waste or returning contamination to our water sources. This is why we have legislation protecting our state’s water quality. 

CSR for Water 

Water droplets into piggy bankIf your business uses water for daily operations, you might propose ways to save by cutting back overall usage or investing in efficient practices. This might require some engineering or investing in improvements. Conservation is especially important in Texas during times of drought and water restrictions. 

Maybe your organization doesn’t directly use water to operate. There are other ways to save, like swapping out old fixtures with water-efficient utilities in bathrooms, installing rainwater barrels for landscape watering, or coordinating a local creek cleanup with the office. 

Build a plan for your CSR project or program that works best for you and has the best return on investment for your business. 

Texas Conservation Stats 

Here are some facts and statistics that spotlight water conservation efforts in Texas. Many of these efforts involved socially responsible businesses, organizations, and citizens to make such impacts! 

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action 

TCEQ hosts the annual Texas Environmental Excellence Awards, which recognize the environmental efforts of businesses and organizations in Texas. If you seek inspiration for your CSR project or program, watch some of the TCEQ YouTube videos. Find more information on the TEEA awards




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