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After further analysis of the New Year survey feedback, we present you with some common trends we found in the open-ended responses. Before reading on, we recommend you check out the first post in this series.

In this first post we will cover insights from your direct responses, which will help drive our efforts and align our focus. Subsequent posts in this series will cover findings from trends in your open responses and resources to address common questions or situations.

We’re moving in an increasingly green direction, especially with the things we choose to buy and use in our daily lives. But what do these “environmentally friendly” claims and ecolabels on products really mean?

This program teaches teens about water and gets them involved in volunteer service.

Fix a Leak Week raises awareness about water waste.

Find out what your fellow Texans are doing!

Be part of the solution and volunteer with the Don’t mess with Texas Trash-Off.

People from all over our state are doing their part.

Find out how your fellow Texans are doing their part!

Celebrating the bold efforts of Texans to preserve and protect the Texas environment.

Ve tu impacto sobre el medio ambiente durante toda tu vida y aprende cómo puedes hacer una diferencia.

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