Prepare Your Irrigation System for Spring

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The winter months will end sooner than you expect, which means it will soon be time to turn your irrigation system back on. Texas water and your bank account are both worth protecting, so let’s dive into some ways you can restart your irrigation routine without wasting either.

The video below provides step-by-step instructions to help you prepare the system before you begin watering regularly. This straightforward process includes turning the water back on, controlling its flow, and finding and repairing any components that are broken, leaking, or damaged. Repairing leaks or damage will conserve water and help you save money on your water bill.

The video features Licensed Irrigator Thomas DeCell (LI0022594).

Always remember to follow the schedule provided by your water supplier. If a schedule has not been provided, lawns typically only need up to one inch of water per week.

There are many more ways you can optimize your yard such as mulching, xeriscaping, harvesting water in rain barrels, and choosing drought-resistant plants and turf. For more information about conserving water with your lawncare choices, read our booklet, Take Care of Texas Guide to Lawn Care (PDF. 12 MB download) or order free copies from our Publications page.

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