Test the Texas Trickle

Put the Texas Trickle to the test! Here’s a science experiment and tracking worksheet for teachers, parents, and children. Here’s what you’ll need in terms of supplies: 

  • Large bowl, cup, or container 
  • Measuring cup 
  • Timer or phone app 
  • Paper and writing utensil

  Texas Trickle Water Use Experiment 

  1. Place a large bowl, cup, or container in your sink basin. Select a size that fits easily under your faucet and that won’t spill any water onto the floor. 
  2. Pick an activity you do using the faucet (brushing your teeth, washing your face, rinsing your hands, etc.) and time yourself while completing it like your normally do. 
  3. Measure the amount of water collected in the container using the measuring cup, as well as the time it took to complete the activity. This will be your personal benchmark. 
  4. Now, pick the same activity you chose in step 2, but this time use the Texas Trickle method to lower the water pressure. Try to do the activity the same way you did it in step 2, and for the same amount of time. 
  5. Measure the amount of water collected in the container using the measuring cup. See how your measurements compare! 
  6. Try this experiment again with other sink-related activities in the bathroom or kitchen.
  7. Bonus Step: Try implementing other ways to reduce your water use. Turn off the faucet if you don’t need the water running. Reduce the amount of time you spend at the sink. Remove distractions while the water is running, like TVs or phones. 

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