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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Robertson family from Magnolia

Our recycling is heavier than our trash. We compost most of our food items, throw away very little trash and recycle ♻️ about everything else.

Debi D from Weslaco

Instead of blowing leaves to the street, we put them in trash bags so that we do not clog up the street gutters. The brush pick up comes by regularly to pick them up and disposes them properly.

Line Household. from Post, Yexas.

We recycle all we can here at home. My wife says it's a pain, but we keep on keeping on.

Bryan Wyers from Fort Worth

We only use our car if needed, recycle everything we can, use rain water to water plants, and use natural lighting during the day. At night we tend to sit on the back porch and talk with a repellent candle, whilst reserving our electric.

M Vriseno from Temple

I have drilled it into my grandchildren that recycling is good for their future. They now ask each time they are going to trash something, “recycle or trash?”. They help me recycle.

AnitaWhaley from Temple

I love Temple Texas and I would love to keep it clean and safe for everyone.

Nora. R. from San Antonio

I recently had my house weatherized and installed low rise toilets.

Jimmy Mitchell from Spring

We recycle, wash clothes after 6pm, use low wattage bulbs, water grass in the evening and maintain our car with regular check ups (my wife makes sure that this happens)❤❤.

Jacqualine Hardy from New waverly tx

I try do do all i can do to conserve. my big pet peeve is littering. I love to ride around in the woods and can stand to see it littered up.

Jacqualine Hardy from New waverly tx

I try do do all i csn do to conserve my big pet peev is litering. I despise litering bigtime. I love to ride around in the woods and can stand to see it litered up. Try throwing something out the window with me.... We will stop the truck and you will get out and pic it up!!!

Raymond Mains Photography from Buda

I promise to do a better job of conservative water and energy.

Mayanin Casarez from Edinburg

I have been taking plastic, glass, cardboard, magazines, tin and aluminum to the recycling center. I use the tin cans for planters. The bottle caps to create flags.

Tammy West from Round Rock

My little compost pile. Its not fancy but its working!! My newest edition of leaves from a trimmed tree provides plenty of greens and browns.

Village Plumbing & Air from Houston

We are always looking for ways to help within the community. We have sponsored a home build for Habitat for Humanity the past four years. Monica, our Owner and Leader believes whole heartedly in giving back to the community so programs like this are very close to our hearts. You can find additional organizations that we have supported on our website.

Girl Scout Troop 96026 from Corpus Christi

On March 11, the Girl Scout celebrated Spirit Week... So Girl Scout Troop 96026, wanted to do something to help the community. We to did a Cleanup and a Wipedown of our Corpus Christi - Cole Park. We gathered cigarettes, trash and other items. We even sanitized the common areas of the park grounds and surrounding areas. Our goal was to help keep the community clean and safe. We had many parents say, "Thank you for cleaning". They were appreciated that they were cleaning and help to the spread of the Coronavirus. Go Green! Go Girl Scouts!

Fort Worth Master Composters from Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Master Composters contribute over 2000 volunteer hours each year to community outreach and compost education!

Charlotte A. from San Angelo

We are newly formed in San Angelo, Texas. Our Mission: We believe in the shared responsibility to create awareness and maintain clean, green and beautiful spaces through art, science and education. We pledge to take action every day to build and support thriving communities, safe neighborhoods and new businesses to improve and beautify our community. We hope you will join your family and friends with Keep San Angelo Beautiful to take responsibility and make a difference in your community and the environment.

Keeping San Angelo Beautiful so
San Angelo can do Beautiful things!

joseph s from san antonio

I recycle all plastics, cans, newspapers, etc. My water heater is at 118 degrees

Sherry Williams from Bay City

We installed solar panels on the roof of our office building. It started to generate power as of 4-2-20. It may not pay off in my lifetime but I feel good knowing I have lessened my contribution to global warming.

Erica H. from Weslaco

My dad was encouraged to recycle after my daughter who’s in college told him about the effects on our environment. He now proudly shows us how he collects and takes all his recyclables in to town. All it takes is one small spark or in this case a crash lesson from your grand daughter in taking care of our environment for someone like my dad to start recycling. We’re so PROUD of you dad!! Keep it up!

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