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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Rosio Hernandez from El paso

Our best way to conserve is refilling our YETI big tumbler twice a day.

Deborah C from Prosper

I moved to Texas shortly before the lockdown. We have done many neighborhood walks and bike rides (6 foot rule , of course!). People are so warm and friendly. We are spreading cheer by painting uplifting sayings and pictures on rocks. Others are joining in. Prosper pride ❤️

Laverne Jones from Slaton

Our recycling options disappeared so now I drive everything 35 miles to the closest city to bring our recycling materials and figure out how to get our non-corrugated cardboard to a city 3 hours away that does take it!!!

Joy Pruner from China Spring

We replaced all of our doors and windows with ones that are energy efficient. It has made a tremendous improvement on our electric bills, plus - It has really cut down on outside noise........ I.E. Our neighbor's speakers blaring, dogs barking, etc.

Wilda from Woodville

I try to do all I can for take steps in taking care of Great State of Texas in every way possible.. Trying to conserve power and water! Most of all our natural resources!! Texas our Texas!! Keep it a Clean and Safe State!

Girl Scout of Greater South Texas - Troop 960 from Corpus Christi

My daughter is a Girl Scout and Go Green was a program her Council offered. She plans on making this a everyday mission. Go Green with Girl Scouts.

Zoey Smith from Bluff Dale

I treat and care for my new home Texas with consideration for all that share it with me - plants, nature, and neighbors.

Maria gutierrez from Childress

I am always very aware when kids leave later lights on I am always cutting the lights they forget to turn off also saving the world from trash I always picking someone else trash we have a park n people just don't care it makes me sick how people treat this world we need to teach more to keep the earth clean.

Marissa A. from Round Rock

My five year old and I take a wagon, trash bags and gloves out at least once a month, to Take Care of Texas! We walk through the neighborhoods nearby and pick up trash. On Christmas Eve last year, we decided to tackle the local park. We filled four huge bags to the brim. I frequently remind my son to always leave a place or person better than we found them.

Martha J. from Corpus Christi

I've been doing all I can on the list for a long time. We all must make the effort!!! I love saving the environment as much as I can, and love reusing.

Ava B from Buchanan Dam

I was taken in by a very nice man in this city because I became homeless down in Tennessee and my son and I drove all the way up here so we would have a roof over her head thanks to my son's friend's grandfather if it wasn't for him we be homeless so I make sure that things are as easy as can be I shut off lights I don't use much water I take a shower when I need it we try to conserve as much as we can we do not want to be a burden on nobody and that's my story

Lizzie Gutierrez from Houston

I pick up any garbage I find in my way. I feed the birds and protect the tres and all plants. I recycle plastics and bottles. I turn off my lights and electronics when I'not at home.

Judy J. from Ft worth

Catch my rain water for my plants .installed aerobic system to water my yard.Dont buy water bottles rarely installed water filters.

Gary Ferguson from Lufkin

We are always at the lake or camping and we always go around finding trash and picking it up I want the water to be clean for my kids and their grandkids to fish and swim in I taught my son from early age not to litter especially around water ways so he can help preserve them for his children

Sharon G from Weatherford

I have been recycling for about 35 years. A light not being used is turned off. Only have water on to do the job at hand. Repair all leaks. Waste not want not. S G

Veronica Q Cigarroa Cigarroa from Laredo

We don't buy bottled water, we use our water filter and use reusable bottles. Everywhere we go recycled shopping bags from t shirts. I’m trying to teach the kids to reuse and minimize waste

Karen Tiseth from San Antonio

I live in an spartment.Isee papers or trash laying around, I pick them up and despose of them.I ridebuses, trash laying at bus stops, I pick up and put them in trash also.I do what I
can to help my complex and my neighbors.

Mary K from Lake Whitney

We recycle everything we can. I also use cooking water to water potted plants. We grow some of our own food and share any excess food with others in need.

Robertson family from Magnolia

Our recycling is heavier than our trash. We compost most of our food items, throw away very little trash and recycle ♻️ about everything else.

Debi D from Weslaco

Instead of blowing leaves to the street, we put them in trash bags so that we do not clog up the street gutters. The brush pick up comes by regularly to pick them up and disposes them properly.

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