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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Debra N. from New Braunfels

When we go to the beach, we pick up trash as we're avid turtle protectors! Grandmas, parents, and the kids all participates. Other people see us and join in!

Kelli from Harlingen Tx

I recycle my boyfriends beer cans and make planters out of them

Michele J. from San Antonio

Recycle toilet paper rolls make great Christmas decorations like snow flakes, for my office at the school. Recycled wood built a chicken coop, clean out coop and put on compost pile to fertilize yard. Chuckles give us yummy fresh eggs.

Donna S from Huntsville

I live by myself, and I only use a light in the room I am in, for the most part if I can get away with it I use no lights at all.

Janet R from Terrell

I rehabilitate wildlife. Orphaned and injured babies.

Donald Anderson from Troup Texas

I've been doing all of these for years. I was reaised up like that.I hope everyone makes threw the pandemic period so they could do what I have done for years.
Donald Anderson.

Debby B. from Texas City

I’ve always been adamant about saving water. I have three rain barrels. In my home, when I need hot water, I run the water into milk containers that I save until the water runs hot. I use the saved water for the dogs water bowl or inside plants.

Deanna Joy from Tyler

I know a lady that has riden/pushed her bike over hundreds of miles around smith county. I stopped one day to provide breakfast for her thinking she was homeless - she has a home - I would love to give her this yeti to carry water and lunch as she travels all day long around smith county cleaning up plastic bottles people have thrown out their windows!

Zynda S. from Belton

Have thesinks and non waste fixtures replumed to drain on the lawn when drained will water the lawn to save water. Re insulate my house to be more energy sun reflecring film on the Windows to keep the heat out in the summer remove it in the winter to allow the heat to come in the house to save on theheating cost.weathize the house and redo as neededto be more efficient encouragement family and friends to do the same to help protect the future.

Steve H from Austin

Since my shower takes about 8 gallons of run water to get hot, I collect it in a plastic tub and haul it out to water plants.

Zynda S. from Belton

Have been educating friends and family on how to be energy efficient and the importance on recycling and helping tosave the inviroment clean and safe forhumans and Wildlife

Peter from Edinburg

It pains me to see my neighbors through away cardboard, plastic bottles and aluminum cans every week. That motivates me to do my part and recycle anything and everything I can to make up for their part. #savetheearth

Zynda s. from Belton

I go out and collect cans along the road to help clean up and recycle

zynda s. from belton

Recycling is important
I am going to take advantage of the solar program Texas has and replace my apilances to entergy eficent onesas soon as possible.including the carto help preserve gasandoil have it checked frequently to help keep theatmosphere clean for the fiture i have grand kids that.deserve to live safely in this world God provided for his children.

Zynda S. from Belton

It is everybodies responsible to takecare where they live for the future generations

Kathryn S from Palestine

Astro Electric picks up litter off the road ways and lake sides

Dianne S from Round Rock

When I wash dishes I collect the cold water in bottles that comes out of the faucet until the hot water comes out of the faucet. I use this water to water my plants on my patio & back deck.

Dianne S from Round Rock

I keep a bucket in my shower & collect the water that runs until warm water comes out of the shower head. I use the water in the bucket to flush the commode.
Once I’m wet I turn the shower water off and shampoo my hair. I rinse my hair & turn water off again. I put conditioner on my hair and wash my body and then turn the water on to rinse my hair and body.

Jeanie L from Lufkin

I recycle everything possible . I pick up cans that are tossed .. I I shred paper . I save newspaper for animal shelters .I rinse-tin cans . I recycle my clothes.I donate them to women’s shelters. I purchase used clothes from second hand shops . I must say , I am thankful to help our environment . I feel that every little bit helps us all . I make sure water is turned off good . Also if I’m cold I cover up with a blanket .Also I change the a/c filters every3 months .

Rebecca B from Houston

I check my tire air pressure and air filter regularly to ensure I’m getting the most miles per gallon so I’m getting the most miles per gallon and refilling less!

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