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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Linda J from Greenville

We have converted our wheelbarrow into a planter. Recycling can be awesome!

Valerie W. from Mesquite

I use all smaller glass jars to put pudding and jello in. Larger glass jars are used for my leftovers. Therefore, no need to buy plastic containers that end up getting thrown away.

Divya Aravindh from Kingwood

We always separate recycle and Non-recyclable items. Always turn off all lights and fan when not in use and also teaching to my kid to do the same.

LAVON MACKEY from walton

I was born and raised in Texas.

Heather Laurin from Houston

We were looking for ways to lower our electricity bill. We found that by hanging our clothes to dry instead of using the dryer we are lowering our bill by 20% each month. That's also saving on our electricity consumption as well.

Allen H. from Wills Point

When I leave a lake, my boat has more trash in it than i came with. Would like all boaters to do same.

Reagan Green Team from Odessa

Our school joined forces with Pepsicorecyclerally, The City of Odessa and Recycle Across America to create a neighborhood recycling Center! We have filled these bins more than 40 times over the last three years with clean and dry #1 and #2 plastic which the city picks up weekly to take to our local recycling center! Our green team created an afterschool program which met for the first time this year the first Thursday of every month! We brought in guest speakers and learned about how to preserve our natural resources!

Reagan Green Team from Odessa

Our Reagan Elementary school Green Team entered a door decorating contest with Pepsicorecyclerally and we won a second place prize of $1,500! Our green team also created three recycling commercials to celebrate a count down to 50th year of Earth Day! I wrote a skit called “My Gift to Planet Earth” starring two of my second graders! This was directed and made into a video by two of our fifth graders!

Jerald J. from Corpus Christi

We are pretty careful about making sure we separate what can be recycled and what can't.
We have a Brita pitcher and use it to refill our water jugs that are clean and empty quart bottles of juice.
The bonus is we have plenty of cold and filtered water in the fridge at all times, good prepping now that hurricane season is here.

Kitty Kyl H from Decatur

When i need to clean dogs swi.ming pool or water troughs i use pump or old school hose methed and water trees grass etc. when filling troughs in case run over it drains to tree troughs also reuse feed bags, containers,hay rope,anything reusable it all comes in handy for different things i may need!! Be safe y'all!!

Mayanin Casarez from Edinburg

I take my recycling to the recycling center in town. I recycle tin, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, magazines.

Janet D from Gilmer

I recycle pop can.paper product.Keep areas outside cleaned.turn off lights

David Deason from Yorktown

I buy a state park pass every year

Diana from Pharr

We put a brick in the tank of our commode so it won’t use as much water.

Mary T from Texas City

My fiance and I don't usually use central air. We have window units we use for whatever room we're using. We refill the big water bottles at our local water station. Fans are also used to reduce heat in our jome.🏡

Sherri S. from Crawford

I keep my thermostat on 77 when not at home, and on 74 when I am

Joe. E from Austin

Capital area Master Naturalist

Joe. E from Austin

Uncle Charlie.
First of a long line of
Enviromentalist in my family

Tony Hall from Fort Worth

Lets start with this... I grew up learning not to waste my resources and that lesson was further honed by growing up in Scouting.
By doing simple things such as fixing a dripping faucet and turning off the lights one can save $$$ . By being a little creative and learning how to re-purpose something you can save $$$ and increase the usefulness of just about ANYTHING! What you cant use at the moment should be recycled properly so as to conserve our resources for our children ...and theirs.

Natalie L from Schertz

We raise chickens for our own fresh eggs vs buying knowing the ugliness of poultry farms. We also are teaching the importance of recycling by having our grandboys learn what can be recycled and taking those items to the bin. And we reserve rain water for our plants.

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