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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Nancy Mtz. from San antonio, Texas

Here in our home we recycle we put on our water bottles in the recycle bin only is the water we have to we're always checking the car cleaning the car cleaning the yard fear in my house you have to recycle in if you don't want to recycle I told everybody to put their cans in the sink we have a 10 for all the kinds and then we have a trash can for paper and then we have a trash can for cardboards and then we have another trash can for organic like the leaves and stuff like that so I believe we're doing good that's the way we do it here in my house.u must recycle everybody knows it at my house

Cinda from Friendswood

We water our garden and grass early in the morning. We also run our pool pump early morning hours and heat our spa through solar. We recycle ♻️ and recreate with leftover items. We are trying to do our part for our grandchildren!🥰

Andi P from Dallas

We recycle daily, hang our clothes to dry to conserve energy and have a rain barrel we use for plant watering. We also compost and plan to donate the soil to a community garden at our local elementary school. God bless Texas! Texas forever.

Valerie salinas from San antonio

Recycling all plastic bottles for planters and also making fly traps with them for our Texas weather.

Lori R from Midland

We have solar panels for our electric usage and I rarely use lights during the day, I just open the shaded in the house to get natural sunlight.

Camille Villarreal from Marion

My husband put up rain gutters on back porch, and ran a tube to collect rainwater I use it to water plants and garden. He put a small pump in the tote with a water hose,

Drema Cosse from Rosenberg

I am always looking for ways to conserve water and garbage.
When I have to change my dogs water I use it to water my plants and I try real hard to stay away from plastic and too much paper.
And I always turn off lights and keep my A/C at 76-78.

Earl A from Sherman

Born and raised in Tx and very proud of it.I don't throw trash out my windows and ask others to do the same.I've traveled the whole lower 48 states and Texas has my heart.I will always protect this state I truly love...

Sue C from San Antonio

We purchased 6 water barrels and with only one inch of rain fills them all up, we use it for plants and our yard

None from San Antonio

I recycle all glass jars I put my noodles, rice sugar all dry goods, when I make soup to give someone I put it in the saved glass jar tie a bow around the neck of jar! L K

Cindy D from Sanger

I work nights, sleep days and my electricity bill is lower than the internet. A light isn't on unless it's currently being used. And I have insulated the windows and doors and it makes a big difference each season.

Eliberto garcia from Laredo texas

I use all things that are recyclable for garden as such milk jugs soda bottle water to store tea! N all cans give away to people so
They can make monies!

martina b from RIO HONDO

I catch rain water for my fruit trees.

Juanita P. from Navasota

I'm a retired Head Start teacher. During the 11 years we would have our parents donate milk jugs, water bottles, newspaper, magazines, paper towel holders, and other items that could be used for the children to make robots, piñatas, baskets for handmade flowers, insects,and beautiful items for Moms, Dad's, grandparents, etc. They loved the hands on activities and even had parents volunteer with projects at school and home.

Jill Franklin from San Antonio TX

my grandkids and have been taking daily walks and make a game outta picking up as much trash as possible on our walk whom ever has the most trash they get to plant their favorite vegetable seeds

Linda Stewart from Bay City

Conserve and reuse plastics

Rosio Hernandez from El paso

Our best way to conserve is refilling our YETI big tumbler twice a day.

Deborah C from Prosper

I moved to Texas shortly before the lockdown. We have done many neighborhood walks and bike rides (6 foot rule , of course!). People are so warm and friendly. We are spreading cheer by painting uplifting sayings and pictures on rocks. Others are joining in. Prosper pride ❤️

Laverne Jones from Slaton

Our recycling options disappeared so now I drive everything 35 miles to the closest city to bring our recycling materials and figure out how to get our non-corrugated cardboard to a city 3 hours away that does take it!!!

Joy Pruner from China Spring

We replaced all of our doors and windows with ones that are energy efficient. It has made a tremendous improvement on our electric bills, plus - It has really cut down on outside noise........ I.E. Our neighbor's speakers blaring, dogs barking, etc.

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