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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Shirley Bernhagen from Portland

Cottage restored into a home in a wooded area next to a lake.

Teri S. from Pittsburg Tx

78 is great whether it is winter or summer. You can always add clothes or remove some. I was raised to turn off lights. And water you address number like odd or even. And I was raised to not litter and so are my kids. We Are The World!

Nancy L from Houston

My husband and I always do our part to keep our camping spot as well as our home here in Texas clean. This is the most beautiful state and would live no where else but in Texas.

Fred Belyea from Killeen

If you see trash on the side of the street pick it up even if it’s not yours! Trash makes a neighborhood look gross and unhealthy! Do your part to help and keep your neighborhood clean!

Eric L. from Pflugerville

I love recycling everything possible. We all need to do our part for mother Earth and Our Great State Of Texas.

My Little family from Corpus Christi Texas

We are Foster Parents and have been for the last 20 yrs.
We've taken our fkids to Austin to vist the Yeti store there after we saw the Bat Release on the bridge there. We encourage recycling, reuse & upcycling, growing edible plants from home & they learn to share that food with our community. We often camp in our TT so we ALWAYS leave it better than what we found it, in any area we camp. We go to our local beaches a lot , we always pickup because we don't like littered waters. The kids know it's bad for sea life, for our waters & for ourselves.

NC from McAllen


Ruben Martinez from Richardson

We pledge to take care of Texas, and continue to help educate our youth for a beautiful environment!

Beth B. from Crystal Beach, Texas

When my fellow Jeep enthusiasts go to the beach, we always make sure and bring extra trash bags to haul off trash that are left by others. We organize numerous events per year, usually after major beach holidays, that are strictly just to clean the beach.

Yolanda g from San Antonio

Water I my days only recycle all materials on Tuesdays. Rarely use my car. Keep it maintained.

Danny Gonzales from San Antstates.tx

I recycle everything but I cut milk jugs 3/4s and set them outsideto catch water when raining all my yard lights solar

Fernando Rodriguez from San Antonio Texas

Keep Texas and remember don't mess with Texas

Joseph Rodriguez from Fort Worth

We all must take care this Awesome and Beautifully made State Of Texas.

Linda F. from Liberty Hill

One of the ways I choose to help is to recycle old tires. I paint them, put in a bottom then fill them with soil and now I have a planter. I have even made a pyramid out of them and fill each one with beautiful flowers.

Debbie from Houston

I chose to recycle my plastic for recycling. My plastic milk cartons I use for fertilizer for my plants, and use the containers for watering my plants. I also use them for new plants that I started. I believe we all should recycle our plastics for the environment. Never throw your plastics in the rivers or bayous to clog up our water system,. Also when you are fishing don't throw your lines that get tanlged, put it where it belongs. Help Save Texas!!!!

Yolanda White from Orange

Any rice or Bread that is out dated, I feed to the birds and Squirrels, I take wood that falls from the oak and Pecan trees and use the wood to Barbecue, I use wood pallets to make decks and for lifting dog houses off the Ground, I plant old potatoes.

Bob C from San Antonio

I make free standing crosse's from old fencing also make frames for hanging old coffee pots with flowers also paint cast iron skillet with Texas flag also paint old corregated sheet metal and frame with old wooden fencing.

Keith W. from Gilner

We as long time metal detectorist have a strict code to pick up trash where ever we find it such as trash found in parks, beaches, school grounds and many others places as we search for history so to educate others and to better understand our past culture's. It is a great past time and allows us to clean up Texas. In the photo I am in the center. Been helping our communities and law enforcement for over 60 years. Many other things we do as well.

Carolyn B from Bay City

We use old salt lick buckets and broke baby pools for planters, recycling aluminum cans and taking our card board to the recycle center.

Sarah O. from Houston

Growing up, mom always taught us to care about our invironment by not disposing trash onto streets nor public areas. I am astonished how many people were not taught this. Love your country, your land, your town, your people.😉

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