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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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RPS Infrastructure from HOUSTON

As a primarily Civil Engineering firm, RPS Infrastructure works to incorporate sustainability aspects into our designs as well as how we function in the office. As part of our sustainability committee, we provide education tools for our clients and ourselves; green events like Adopt-a-Highway, a Office Plant swap, reuse contests; and implement policies in the office that lead to better practices all around (composting, recycling, carpooling, etc). We take pride in our effort to practice what we preach in order to truly take care of Texas, and beyond.

Janie from Houston,Texas

I try to conserve water.

Marylyn L from Humble

I'm a native Texan and so is my husband and family. I don't buy water or bottles of soda and I recycle everything I can. My great great grandfather's fought at San Jacinto Monument to free Texas from mexico

Cinda R from Friendswood

We conserve water, recycle and keep our electricity flow low. When we are at the beach, we clean up all the time! We love Texas and hope we stay the great state we are!!!

Christina P. from Dallas

Rinsing out a 12 c. Coffee pot, I recycle that water into the watering can daily. Coffee grinds go into either potted plants or landscape beds.

Linda from Garland

Gardens on flat top roofs, recycling gray water to reuse, recycling plastic, cans. and not using plastic bags or disposable diapers. Replanting trees and making community gardens in condemned areas instead of more concrete

Carol Ann A from Round Rock

I was raised a conservationist; recycle, reuse and repurpose items. Northern California born, raised in Sierra Nevada mountains, I totally appreciate Texas my home since 2005!

Zandi C. from Fannin

I take my tea boxes and turn them into storage container. I've got my garden seeds and a tiny compensation book with all plant care instructions and we the inserts to make dividers.

Toni Kimbrough from Houston

We have new solar screens to help conserve energy over our double pane low e insulated windows on west facing side of the house. That plus extra attic insulation has cut our energy use down by half and we’re still cool and comfortable.

Laverne C from Alvin

Our piece of Texas is priceless ❤️ An absolute heaven on Earth. Thankful to the Creator. ✝️☮️💜💙🙏💝

Crystal F from Temple

When taking care of Monarchs, get rid of the Tropical Milkweed. It has a microbe in it that distorts the the Monarch. It mutilates them. They never can even flutter their wings. Native one only. It’s a solid orange. Xerces website shows you very clearly what happens to them.

Casee Toms from Saint Hedwig

Being energy efficient should be on everyone's priority list. It's a luxury and should be utilized respectfully.

Gigi from Tomball

I switched to solaire.It is a ling loan but I am happy I did.
I like to recycle but I am very frustrated about the No recycling Bins to deposit easily.
How is the awareness going to develop if the many who are aware cannot find infrastructures in the community where they live?
When others see those who recycle going back and forth to deposit recyclables it will impact the behavior. Well thank you for the broadcasts and staff but it has to be accompanied with actions and involvement of community authorities.

Ruby Carrell from Fort Worth

We can now recycle Styrofoam at the dump. So now I'm trying to collect Styrofoam to take to the dump. We already recycle everything else.


GROUP W BENCH in 3+ years have picked up over 300,000 pounds of blowing litter and illegal dump sites in McLennan County with volunteers and probation department seeking hours. Our 6 mile Adopt-A-Highway is the states longest.

L.j.r.jomes from Poteet

We grow our own veggies and run the washer eather I'm the garden

Steve luttrell from Houston

As I ride the metro buses and rails in our city I pick up litter others have discarded to try and maintain a clean environment.

Susan Honeycutt from Highland Village

We have this HUGE rain barrel that we use to water our yard & garden. 💦💦

TCEQ from Round Rock

* Took advantage of Williamson County water wise toilet rebate program to replace a pair.
* Bagged & transported aluminum cans from vacation trip, then recycled via Round Rock bin at home.

Christopher M. Ambrosek from San Antonio

Every Sunday afternoon I walk up and down military & goliad rd. With trash bags and & clear bags for the recyclables and pick up trash in my community until near sundown when I go in to have dinner which is when I drop the recycle and trash bags off in the proper receptacle bins for each.

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