Video Requirements

  • Entries must be postmarked on or before Dec. 16, 2016. Late entries will not be accepted. There are often delays in mail delivery during the holiday season, so please do not wait until the last minute!
  • Video must portray positive ways Texans can protect the environment in their daily lives including keeping the air and water clean, conserving water and energy, and reducing waste. Students are encouraged, but not required, to explore just one of these topics such as clean air or water conservation.
  • Video must include the slogan “Take Care of Texas. It’s the only one we’ve got.” The slogan can either be expressed verbally or by using the Take Care of Texas logo provided on the Video Resources page.
  • Video must be 30 seconds long and contain a five second “title screen” at the beginning.
  • All video and music content must be original and royalty free or the student must submit written permission from copyright holder granting use of the copyrighted material.
  • Videos must contain a slide with credits for all unoriginal content such as music, video, or images.
  • A reference list must be submitted with the video for all unoriginal content such as music, video, or images.
  • Video must not contain any copyrighted materials such as music, company logos, product brands or store names.
  • Video must be original work. Student may receive guidance from a teacher or parent.
  • All submitted videos are owned by the TCEQ.
  • Each student may submit only one video.
  • IMPORTANT: See the full list of video requirements on our Contest Rules page.


Visit our interactive house where you can discover more ways to conserve water and energy, keep our air and water clean, and reduce waste.

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