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Outreach Materials

Everyday measures the public can take to help maintain environmental quality in Texas.

Online Version
Print Version

Ten handy tips for conserving and recycling resources while saving money around the house and during the daily commute.

Brochure with 10 environmental tips for keeping our air and water clean, conserving water and energy, and reducing waste at the office.

Publication Holder (M-042)

Display the Save Money and the Environment at Home or Office brochures using these publication holders.

Bill stuffer detailing ways to save money and water. Dual-sided in English and Spanish.

Simple steps you can take to use less energy. Dual-sided in English and Spanish.

Poster (11" x 17") featuring recording artist Kevin Fowler that encourages Texans to pledge to conserve water and energy, and keep the air clean.

Tells consumers how to recycle computers and peripherals.

Use in mailouts or as a stand-alone handout to tell Texans how to recycle their old television and computer equipment.

Plug into Computer Recycling Publication Holder (M-043)

Display the Plug into Computer Recycling brochure using this publication holder.

Landscape Materials

Helps you maintain a healthy yard, save money, and take care of our state's varied landscapes.


Brief guide to choosing your turf, managing your lawn, and solving common lawn problems.

Learn environmentally friendly ways to get rid of these 10 common Texas yard pests.

Quick tips to save money, time, and effort and help your community by mulching and composting.

Brief guide to developing a water-efficient landscape, including tips on using good water techniques and choosing irrigation systems.

Learn how to construct a rain barrel and harvest rainwater in your own yard.

Homeowners and landowners can build simple or complex systems to capture, store and use rainwater to water their landscape plants.

Environmental Education Materials

A catalog of educational resources for teachers, school administrators, parents, and anyone interested in environmental education.


Activity and coloring book for students in grades K-5. Dog mascots River and Sky help kids learn ways to care for the Texas environment.

Poster (16" x 20") for kids in grades K-2 featuring Take Care of Texas mascots River and Sky. Offers tips kids can use to help protect the environment. Dual-sided in English and Spanish.

A bookmark with tips reminding young Texans to keep our air and water clean and save energy and water. Dual-sided in English and Spanish.

Vinyl sticker (3.5" square) with the Take Care of Texas message, featuring mascots River and Sky.

Color poster (18" x 22") that illustrates steps in the water cycle and several human activities that affect water. Back of poster has narrative information on water as well as activities and puzzles.

Stickers with the Take Care of Texas Logo

Bumper sticker (10" x 3") featuring the message Take Care of Texas: It's the only one we've got.

Texas-shaped sticker (4" x 4") with the Take Care of Texas logo.

Bumper sticker (3" x 9") with a water conservation message.

Vinyl static cling (4" square) with a water conservation message.

White window decal (4.75" x 3") with the Take Care of Texas logo.


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