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The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) launched a revamped Take Care of Texas (TCOT) campaign in June 2013 to encourage Texans to keep our air and water clean, conserve water and energy, and reduce waste. The TCEQ designed and adopted an official logo and tagline for the campaign.

These guidelines have been developed to ensure the logo and tagline are used effectively and consistently by the TCEQ and other interested parties. These guidelines are not meant to be all-inclusive.


To fully protect TCEQ trademarks so that they remain valuable assets for years to come, the agency registered the marks with the State of Texas Secretary of State Corporations Section. Any unauthorized use will be a violation of trademark laws.


The TCOT logo and tagline cannot be used unless permission has been granted by the TCEQ. To request permission, please contact us at educate@tceq.texas.gov .

When using the logo, its type treatment, and wording may not be altered or adapted.


style-guide-colors.pngThe TCOT logo is a combination of text and art, with all of its elements being defined within the four-color process. The nearest Pantone® (PMS) colors to the text portions of the logo are #180 and #7533 (Example A). When using the complete logo (with map), consistency is essential. The specific four-color mixes are important to the campaign’s identity and should not be compromised for any reason.

The font used for “Take Care of Texas” is Rockwell Extra Bold. The font used for “TakeCareOfTexas.org” is Futura Extra Bold. The font used for “It’s the Only One We’ve Got!” is Sentinel. Never recreate the logo using other typefaces. Always maintain the type sizes and spacing that make up the logo text. Follow these usage guidelines:

  • Use the logo only in its entirety in four-color applications. In other applications, omit the map and use only the text portion of the logo.
  • Use the logo without modification.
  • Do not obscure any part of the logo by placing type, photographs, or other elements on top of it.
  • The “TM” symbol is part of the logo and must be included.

Official Logo Color Configuration (Example A)

The complete logo (with map) should be produced using the four-color printing process.


One Color Usage (Example B)

When the map portion of the logo is omitted, the text of the logo may be printed in black or any single color. For example, if a flier is printed using only blue ink, the logo text would be printed in 100% blue, with no tints. The text portion of the logo may also be reversed as solid white on a black, or otherwise dark, background.


On a Color Background (Example C)

When placing the logo on any type of colored background, put a white box behind it to ensure that no part of the logo blends into the background color.


Reducing the Logo (Examples D and E)

Never reduce the logo to the point where any part of it is unrecognizable or unreadable. If necessary, use only the text portion of the logo. Never reduce it smaller than 0.5” wide (D).

Do not re-scale the logo vertically or horizontally (E). Always maintain its proper proportions.



Misuse of the TCOT logo includes, but is not limited to:

  • Using a logo without permission from the TCEQ.
  • Using a logo to sell, advertise, market, or package a specific product.
  • Using a logo to imply an endorsement by the TCEQ of an organization or its products or services.
  • Using a logo on marketing materials, advertising, or product packaging/labels that can be viewed negatively by the public, including images or names that may be considered inflammatory or offensive.


If you have any questions about the use of the TCOT logo, or to request permission to use the logo, please contact the TCOT Program at 512-239-4745 or e-mail educate@tceq.texas.gov .​​ ​

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