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Proper maintenance will help keep your rain barrels free of leaks, clogs, and mosquitoes.
The federal RESTORE Act requires the five Gulf states affected by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill to establish centers to conduct research on the Gulf Coast region. Commissioner Baker, Texas’ representative on the RESTORE Council, manages the implementation of...
Everyone can and should do something to protect groundwater. Why? We all have a stake in maintaining its quality and quantity. For starters, 99 percent of all available freshwater comes from aquifers underground. Being a good steward of groundwater just...
Here's a reason to celebrate—over 18,500 people have pledged to "Take Care of Texas"! With your help, we can reach 20,000 by March 1! Help us reach 20,000 pledges for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab4, provided by...
Take the following steps to help cut down on the mosquito population: Empty or get rid of cans, buckets, bottles, old tires, empty pots, plant saucers, and other containers that hold water. Keep gutters clear of debris and standing water....
TCEQ is now accepting grant applications from schools statewide to retrofit eligible diesel-powered school buses with emissions-reduction technology. This grant opportunity is open to all public and charter schools in Texas that operate one or more diesel-powered school buses.A total...
February 2 is World Wetlands Day. It may come as a surprise to learn that Texas, often thought of as relatively dry, contains millions of acres of different types of wetlands across the state. Why are wetlands important? Historically, wetlands...
Cinco Electronics Recycling, in South Austin, is one of the more than 50 Take Care of Texas Proud Partners that have demonstrated their commitment to protecting the Texas environment. These corporations, governments, nonprofits, and others all across Texas have taken...
The publications page of the Take Care of Texas website has been enhanced with a virtual shopping cart. Simply select a publication, enter the desired quantity, and then add it to your cart. The best part of this shopping experience—it’s...
Kiowa Recycling Center, Booker In 2009, six high-school students in the small town of Booker, at the northern edge of the Panhandle, took it upon themselves to establish a recycling facility in their community. For small and rural communities, recycling...

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