Rainwater Harvesting Poll

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Rainwater Harvesting

Do you collect rainwater at home? Why or, why not? Share your experience with your fellow Texans by voting below and learn what others around our state are doing.

After you take the poll, please provide your email address for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy TabA, provided by H-E-B. See the complete contest rules.

1. Are you interested in collecting rain water at home?

a. Yes
52% (122 votes)
b. No
2% (5 votes)
c. Not now but maybe later
12% (28 votes)
d. I already do
34% (81 votes)
Total votes: 236

2. If you are interested in harvesting rainwater, what would help you get started?

a. Rebate information
31% (64 votes)
b. Step-by-step instructions
46% (96 votes)
c. Understanding the environmental benefits
4% (8 votes)
d. Learning about the money saving benefits
9% (18 votes)
e. Other
11% (23 votes)
Total votes: 209

3. If you are not interested, why not?

a. Worried about pests such as mosquitoes
25% (33 votes)
b. Worried about odor
0% (0 votes)
c. It’s prohibited in my area
2% (3 votes)
d. Cost of purchasing a system
44% (58 votes)
e. Other
29% (39 votes)
Total votes: 133

Thanks for voting! For a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy TabA, provided by H-E-B, please include your email address.

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