How Can You Dry Clothes in Half the Time?

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Researchers have been developing a new technology that could change the way you do laundry. Collectively, Americans spend about $9 billion each year powering our clothes dryers. These traditional dryers use heat to evaporate water out of clothes. Scientists are experimenting with a concept that uses vibrations instead of heat.

The new technology will turn the water in your clothes into a cool mist, which will evaporate. The dryers are expected to be up to five times more energy efficient. By removing or minimizing heat from the process, clothes will fade less and produce less lint. Clothes will also dry faster. The average load of laundry is expected to dry in just 20 minutes, versus the current average time of 50 minutes.

Be on the lookout for these new dryers, which are expected to come to market in about five years.

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