Four Tips to Save Money on Gas This Holiday

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During the holidays, it can feel like we do a lot of driving around. From family vacations, to parties, to shopping, many of us are on the go.

We also spend a lot more money this time of year. Americans plan to spend nearly $1,000 per person this holiday season.

Take Care of Texas is here to help! We’ve put together these four simple tips that will save you money on gas. Follow these suggestions and you can save the equivalent of $.20 to $.67 per gallon of gas. You’ll also decrease emissions from your car or truck, helping to reduce ozone (smog) and particulate matter (haze).

Skip the Drive-Thru

Getting Out of Car_1.jpgStopping off for fast food or coffee? Save gas and reduce your emissions by turning off your car and going inside. Idling wastes a quarter to a half gallon of fuel every hour. When your car is idling, it is getting zero miles to the gallon and causing unnecessary emissions. So skip the drive-thru and save!


Check Your Tires

tire pressure_0.jpgIt’s recommended that you check your tire pressure once a month and before a long trip. Tires generally lose about one pound of pressure per month. By keeping your tires properly inflated, you’ll improve your gas mileage. It’s also safer to drive with properly inflated tires and your tires will last longer.

Take Only What You Need


Cargo boxes on your vehicle's roof increase wind resistance and will reduce your fuel economy by 2 to 17 percent.  If you don’t need the cargo box, leave it at home. You might also consider a rear-mount cargo box or tray, both of which have a much lower effect on fuel economy.

Follow the Speed Limit

odometer-922377 resized.jpgIn general, gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds over 50 miles per hour, although each vehicle has a speed or range of speeds that's optimal for fuel economy. Typically, for every five miles per hour that you drive over 50 mph, it’s like paying an extra $.15 to $.30 per gallon of gas, so don't exceed the speed limit. Using cruise control on the highway will also help to save gas in most cases.


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