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Is your organization committed to environmental quality? You can take the pledge to become a Take Care of Texas Proud Partner. 

What is the Proud Partner Program?

The Take Care of Texas Proud Partner program is an organizational responsibility program that allows corporations, governments, nonprofits, and private entities to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the Texas environment. There are no dues. The Proud Partner program is 100% FREE!

Benefits of the Proud Partner ProgramProudPartnerSidebar1.jpg

  • Proud Partner decal and digital seal: The Proud Partner insignia identifies your organization as a good steward of the Texas environment. 
  • Proud Partner listing: All Proud Partners are listed on the Take Care of Texas Proud Partner web page. 
  • Consumer education: You'll find helpful information on Texas' successes in environmental protection, as well as provide FREE resources to educate your customers, employees, or members on ways to Take Care of Texas. 
  • Proud Partner newsletter: A quarterly e-newsletter containing updates and useful information for your organization. 

Ready to Join?

Fill out the Proud Partner pledge form today! Thanks for doing your part to Take Care of Texas. 

This program is a voluntary and open pledge support for Take Care of Texas. TCEQ does not endorse Take Care of Texas Proud Partners or any goods and services they may offer. The Take Care of Texas logo does not certify compliance with state or federal law. 

Check out your lifetime impact on the environment and learn how you can make a difference.

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