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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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George A from Alpine

I do not use a clothes dryer. An outside clothes line or inside drying rack works well. Why heat up the house with a clothes dryer? Clothes smell wonderful and last longer as well. 

Matt M from Mesquite

About 4 years ago I was trying to find a good lawn mower for my yard. After a lot of searching and buying different mowers I found my favorite. It is an electric mower; it only uses $7 of electricity per year. 

Cindy C from Corpus Christi

For the past 4 years, we have been removing trash and marine debris from local beaches. 

Theo R from Round Rock

I switched to all native grass and plants in my yard, which take a lot less water (and effort) to maintain. I also only water early in the morning so the water doesn't evaporate before the plants can absorb it. 

Cindy D from Dallas

I challenge my family to conserve water by using a five minute shower timer. 

Cynthia R from Richardson

I use a rain barrel to collect rainwater for watering my outdoor plants; its better for the plants and easier on my water bill. Sometimes I even use the rainwater to wash my dog! 

Paige F from Fort Worth

Instead of using wrapping paper and gift bags, I am putting Christmas gifts in reusable grocery bags. The recipients won't have waste to worry about and no excuses for "paper or plastic" on their next shopping trip.

Jean C from Corpus Christi

Once a light bulb has burned out, I replace it with a CFL. Eventually, my entire home will contain CFL's. 

Carol T from Taylor

For my gardening this year, I repurposed 1 - 2 ltr bottles by poking several holes in the bottom, removing cap and burying in between my large plants, bushes and small trees.  When I water, I fill the bottles and it goes right toward the root area without having to soak the ground surface first. The area surrounding the plants is covered with layers of recycled cardboard as a weed preventative and topped with mulch given away by our recycling center. Then each separate bed area is surrounded by a wavery decorative border made from recycled glass bottles buried halfway into the dirt. (plus the majority of my plants came from trades with friends/neighbors)

Diana A from Austin

I buy holiday and gift cards made of recycled paper. 

Alf W from Webster

Every time that I head to the beach, I bring a couple of extra large lawn bags.  Before setting up, I walk in either direction about fifty to seventy yards, clearing all trash possible. That evening, I can pretend to be on the cleanest beach on the Texas coast.

Bill L from Lake Jackson

Landscape predominately features native plants requiring low maintenance without use of pesticides and low water requirements.  Captured rainwater and gray water is used to water veg. garden and landscaping.  What little lawn area is left is mowed near the max. height on mower so it develops deep root system and remains practically weedless, consequently no fertilizer, herbicide, or water ever needed.  We turn out lights/ ceiling fans when not in room; use CFL/LED lighting; ceiling fans allow higher thermostat settings yet still remain comfortable; and set thermostat at 85-88F when away from home for extended period time.  We clean refrigerator coils periodically for best operating efficiency.  We recycle and compost, resulting in very little disposable trash.

Corky M from Lindale

My son got me started recycling when he was about 9 years old.This year he turned 30 and I make 2 trips a week to the local recycling center in Tyler.We recycle all our papers,plastic water,milk and juice bottles.Toilet paper and paper towel tubes,glass bottles and jars,cardboard boxes. All our "junk" mail is carried to a privacy shredding company to be shredded.Pine needles used as ground cover in the fall,pine cones burned at the fire pit.We water early in the morning or in the evening after the hot Texas sun has set.We have given furniture and clothes for repurpose to help other people and keep it from the landfill.

Jeff H from Houston

I collect garbage in our subdivision every weekend without fail. I offer my labor and time free. I believe others could do the same across Texas to keep our state beautiful. 

Oliver A from Austin

Considering the critical importance of water, we have quit watering grass in our yard.  As it dies, we put in some wood-chips, rocks or shredded rubber to cover the bare area and add a plant or two. This way we can do it a little at a time without a large investment for zero-scaping.  We also try to never throw water down the drain, but dump it outside on some plants.  We also replace all toilets with low flush units.  

Abby O from Frisco

We follow the Frisco Water-Wise weekly emails to set our sprinkler controller and only water when needed. The first time we turned our sprinklers on was mid-June and until the second week of August, we only needed to water one day per week! Water is a precious resource and we intend to conserve as much as we can!

from Mercedes

I an effort to reduce the amount of clean water we waste, we added a shower timer to reduce the amount of time we spend taking a shower. We also hand wash the dishes using the double sink. In one we wash, and in the other we rinse. 

Kim H from El Paso


I would like to share an idea to encourage others to recycle tires. Thank you. :)


Susan Garcia from Mansfield

I am a real estate agent and have some recycle bins at my office and then bring them home full to put in my recycle bin that is picked up weekly.  I also recycle the ink cartridges from the office as well as my home office.  I have a compost pile where all of my produce scraps go as well as plants, leaves, etc from the yard.  I also try to encourage other around me to recycle instead of throw away.

Randal D from Del Rio

I do not water the lawn
Do not let water run in sink(s)while brushing teeth etc:
Never dump food scrap's in the garbage as pieces feed the birds and insects etc:
Always empty lawn clippings from bag to fill low spots or put in composting area of back yard.
Always be thinking of a useful use of waste !!!!

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