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Texas is a big and beautiful state and it's important we protect and conserve its natural resources for future generations. Across the state, Texans are finding fun, creative ways to do their part, and they're garnering impressive results. The following are excerpts of the most innovative, successful ideas submitted.

We invite you to share your story on the ways you Take Care Of Texas. Bragging is encouraged and now you can show us by uploading a picture.

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Pranav D from Austin

We recycle plastic bags by dropping them off in the collection bins outside H-E-B. We take full advantage of our city's recycling and compost programs.

Jonathan N from Austin

I enjoy working on anything mechanical. Almost anything can be repaired rather than replaced with the help of DIY videos online and DIY parts stores. A well-maintained machine works more efficiently, using less water and electricity, and generates less pollution. It also saves you money over replacing them and gives you to satisfaction of doing it yourself.

I recently fixed my lawnmower after seeing several fixable lawnmowers being left at the curb in my neighborhood. I have rebuilt my washing machine with new small parts on three occasions. I just cleaned out my dryer and found $4 in change inside! Repairable bicycles tossed to the curb are a regular sight near me, but an afternoon at the local bicycle co-op could have saved it from the scrap yard.

Amy P from Dallas

As a proud Texan, I believe it's important to raise awareness to keep our motorists safe. As as a mom and commuter, I have a drive to keep my passengers from any potential hazards on the road and encourage others to do the same.

We also collaborate with other families to utilize carpooling. Whether we're driving to and from school or extra curricular activities we try to conserve gas as a means to save money and conserve resources. We're also advocates for ride sharing services.

I also teach my family to contribute to keeping our city clean. If we're ever around loose trash, I encourage my family to chip in and pick it up. I think everyone in the community can follow this rule of thumb as well. We also strive to keep our waste to a minimum by recycling and utilizing reusable items.

Katie C from Denton

I have backyard chickens. They consume most all of my scraps to minimize landfill waste, I use their coop straw/droppings to activate my compost from yard clippings for soil, and they provide eggs so I don’t have to buy any! Also, I use a Nalgene for my water, I don’t run water when lathering, planted native plants this year, installed rain barrels, recycle what I can, and pickup trash when filling my car up with gas.

John A from San Antonio

Anytime and everytime we visit our local lakes and parks Family and I always make sure that any trash and or Recyclables are picked up regardless if there ours or not. A little effort from all goes a Long way. TAKE CARE OF TEXAS TEXANS!!!!!

Jerome A from Conroe

To reduce waste and help the homeless and needy people we decided to collected 100 pairs of children's, men's and women's used shoes. We clean and repaired them and donated to Society of St. Vincent De Paul in Conroe.

Scott B from Spring Branch

Hi, we have pioneered reclamation, re-certification, and reuse of thermal shippers used for time/temperature sensitive drugs (i.e. vaccines & blood). This year, we should prevent more than 250,000 cubic feet of styrofoam from landfill and 100% of the shippers that do not pass re-certification are repurposed. We would love to share our story and apply for the State award to keep our team energized. Thank You!


Jeaneane M from Austin

Plastic bags lead a long life in our house: Zipper bags get washed, dried and reused until they split - then recycled at HEB or used for kitty litter. Clean plastic bread bags first get reused to wrap up leftover produce. Once they get too icky for food, they are re-used for kitty litter. Kitty litter bags include not just bread bags, but chip bags, internal bags from cereal and cracker boxes, small paper bags. Any clean bags that aren't suitable for food/too small for kitty litter get recycled, along with shrink wrap. And I reuse plastic grocery bags for trash can liners - which don't get thrown out every week, only as needed. I mean, it's a TRASH CAN, does it really need a clean plastic bag every week? :)

T K from Mission

One man can make a difference. It has been two months since moving from Florida to Mission Texas. I live near Bentsen Rio Grande River Valley State Park and I am sweeping the parking lot and fixing potholes to conserve on wear and tear on our border patrol vehicles and make it a prettier and safer place to enjoy my retirement.

Rachel from Baytown

During the month of April, we prepare lessons that teach the children and their parents how important conservation and recycling is to our environment.   For the past several years, I have used your materials and both the children and their parents seem to really enjoy the information.    I first discovered the River and Sky‘s Lone Star Activity Book, stickers, and posters during a festival not far from our town.  I was so impressed with them that I now try to incorporate these materials into my lessons.

Dorothy G from Houston

I turn off any light and/or any tv when no one is in the room.  As of two (2) months ago, I adjusted the temperature on the thermometer at home to 78 degrees - the temperature had mostly been kept between 68-70 degrees.  To compensate for this temperature, all ceiling fans were turned on using the redirect air flow.  In addition to helping the environment, my power bill dropped about $8.00 over each of the two months. 

John L from Austin

I let the St Augustine grass in my backyard in Austin die during the heat and drought of summer 2011. I then replanted with 1/2 native grass blend and 1/2 native plants--Red Yucca, Blackfoot Daisies, Sage, Lantana, etc. I also attached 3 rain barrels to my downspouts to collect rainwater. Now I'm doing Texas Master Naturalist training and volunteering in our local preserve lands & parks.

Rosemary B from Bedford

I have saved all my life.  I am 79 yr. old.  I always turn off lights when I go out of a room.  I don't leave water running when I brush my teeth.  I don't use a dishwasher.  I use a small dish pan. I filled a half gallon milk jug and put one in each of my commodes.  It saves lots of water.

Bobbiejean H from Houston

I was able to get recycling started in my neighborhood, it was slow to catch on at first but now most of the houses use it. My most recent Take Care of Texas method is I switched to green/environmentally friend dog waste collection bags, no more plastic!

Samantha A from Austin

I bike to work every day as well as turning up the thermostat in my apartment while I am at work. I also don't turn on any lights unless it is dark outside.

Grace P from Pharr, Texas

I have been recycling for the past 20 years and proud to have only 1 small bag of trash per week. I also plant my own vegetable garden to save money and keep grass clippings on my yard to nourish the lawn.  I only use natural outside light to illuminate my home and take advantage of the "free" energy provided by the sun during the day.During summer months I install thick curtains to keep cold in and heat out to save money on my electric bill. 

Dwayne A from Austin

I joined a van pool.  I'm doing my part to support our compliance with Texas Air Quality Standards. I'm saving money and reducing NOx emissions by not driving. 

Doris M from Magnolia

We use LED bulbs throughout the house, keep the thermostat set on 80 degrees,  and use ceiling fans in the room being occupied.  We use plants that can survive our Texas heat, low-water usage toilets, use compost and mulch in the garden and throughout the yard, and repurpose furniture, wood, and other items as much as possible.

Sharon D from Dallas

We have a system at work which provides various seminars on cost saving ideas including turning lights off before leaving work, recycling trash, conserving water and we even had the opportunity to test drive the new Nissan Leaf cars.  We now have a webpage for supplies to be swapped on campus where coworkers can list their overages or meet to bring items no longer being used by their department for others to use.  Everything is swapped so there are no costs involved.  This has been very successful!

Jenn R from Richardson

We typically hang our bath towels to dry and reuse to save on laundry. In the summer we use a lot of towels at the pool. I just hang them to dry and reuse rather than washing after each use. 

I also like to save the colorful plastic lids from milk jugs, peanut butter jars etc. They can be used in an art collage or even just letting the kids play with them and use their imagination. 

Speaking of milk jugs, I place water-filled milk jugs in my deep freeze to help keep it colder. They freeze and are basically like giant ice blocks!

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