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Take Care of Texas License Plate

Put a Take Care of Texas license plate on your vehicle, motorcycle or trailer and show everyone on the road that you Take Care of Texas. $22 of the $30 plate fee goes to support the Take Care of Texas program.

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I want to get a NEW Take Care of Texas License Plate for my:

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Tips for Ordering a Plate

  • Order Online: You'll need a credit card, current license plate number of vehicle, and the last four characters of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your plates will be mailed to your local county tax office for pickup in two to three weeks.
  • Order in Person: Visit your local county tax office to order. Your plates will be mailed to your local address in two to three weeks.
  • Order Now: You don't have to wait for your current registration to expire. 
  • Update Toll Tag: After you pick up your specialty plate(s), if you have a toll tag be sure to notify your tolling authority of your new license plate number.

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